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We are a team of experienced physiotherapists committed to providing quality and effective physiotherapy, in the form of hands-on manual techniques and functional exercise training, through real-time clinical reasoning based on our professional knowledge in human physiology and bio-mechanics.


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One-on-one, physical distancing, and PPE already implemented [before] COVID-19

Infection control standard precautions have always been a top priority for us since day one. Shown here is a picture taken in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, it was already a standard precaution for us to wear disposable gloves during our sessions. Since day one, we've been seeing patients one-on-one in physical-distancing private rooms, using disposable table paper, wiping down equipment after each use, and washing hands between patients. Now that we have heightened our precautions following COVID-19, you should expect the following precautions when you arrive at our clinic:
Our physiotherapists will wear masks, eye protection, and gloves. As usual, treatment tables will be covered with disposable paper and you will be seen one-on-one in a private room. No pillow will be provided. Equipment and furniture used will be wiped down immediately with disinfectant approved by Health Canada. As always, your physiotherapist will wash hands before and after your session.
You are required to wait in your car or outside while respecting physical distancing. When it's your time to come in, you will be screened over the phone for COVID-19 symptoms. You will wear a mask before coming in and sanitize your hands when you are inside. You will have your temperature checked and then proceed to your private room.
Front desk will be closed. No walk-in visitors, family, or friends are allowed. Payments will be processed via e-transfer or credit card on file. Receipts and other documents will be provided electronically through our secure online platform. To gain access, you will need to register for an account before your first visit using the "Book Appointment" button found on this page.

Hands-on Techniques. Movement Science. Functional Training. Evidence-based. One-on-one.


What you should expect?

Getting better after each session
It's a bold statement, but that's what physiotherapy should be, even online. If physiotherapy is indicated, you should expect to get better after each session, regardless of how physiotherapy is delivered. We do pre and post-treatment (before and after) tests to let you see if you are better or not at the end of each session.
One-on-one with your physiotherapist
Our definition of quality care is one-on-one private sessions with an actual physiotherapist throughout the course of treatment. Our physiotherapists have a strong research and clinical background in kinesiology and exercise physiology, there is no need to delegate your treatment to a separate kinesiologist or assistant.
Transparency in our practice and billing
We don't take your health insurance information, we don't do direct billing for you, because you should have the peace of mind that what we do is based on our professional judgement, not because we have access to your insurance funding. You simply pay at the end of the session and a receipt will be provided.

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