Physiotherapy in Stouffville

A personalized and innovative approach to maximizing your full potential.

We are a clinic specialized in physiotherapy, with a team of physiotherapists committed to providing one-on-one quality care using a combination of hands-on manual therapy and movement science.

Why Cohesion Physiotherapy?

One-on-one with a physiotherapist. The common practice is one physiotherapist oversees the treatment being done by assistants to multiple patients at the same time. For us to use hands-on manual therapy and movement science to produce a functional change in real time, it requires the professional judgement of a physiotherapist at any given moment and it can't be done by an assistant.
Physiotherapist-owned. A physiotherapist-owned clinic is governed by the standards of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, in which the clinic is legally required to always act in the best interest of the patients.
Independent from other entities. We are not associated with any other clinics or doctors, nor do we endorse any brands or sell any products. We rely on the word of mouth to establish our client base. When we recommend a rehab product you can be sure that we won't get a kick back from it.

Physiotherapy is what we do, and here is how we do it.

We take the time to listen to your history and make sure we address your concerns and goals. That doesn't stop after the first assessment. You are seeing the physiotherapist one-on-one the whole time so we are able to fine-tune your treatment at any given point. We treat the person, not the body. Once you reached your goals, we'll see if there's something else you'd like to achieve. Fixing your pain means nothing to us if you can't enjoy what you love to do.
We use a mechanical approach to assess and diagnose based on how you move and what your symptoms are when moving. We combine this with our knowledge of the human body to implement a plan of care that addresses your concerns and goals. Most of the time this is all done without medical imaging like X-rays or MRI.
We treat using a combination of manual therapy and movement science to mechanically correct the problem and address the root cause. All of this is done in real time with a physiotherapist. We follow this skilled treatment with in-depth education on how you can provide physiotherapy self-treatment at home between visits under the supervision of your physiotherapist.

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Physiotherapy Initial Assessment / physiotherapy 30-min session

Your preferred physiotherapist, time and date. Please provide your phone number if booking for an Initial Assessment for the first time. Returning patients/clients please book for an Initial Assessment. No OHIP or WSIB claims.