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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is treatment that uses hands-on manual therapy, exercise therapy, physical modalities, and education to improve function and quality of life. Using an evidence-based approach, physiotherapists combine their knowledge of the body with the science of movement to assess, diagnose, and treat. Physiotherapists work in various settings such as hospitals, emergency department, long term care facilities, clinics, and schools, and they treat conditions ranging from headaches and sciatica to lower back pain and knee pain. Common conditions that would benefit from physiotherapy treatment include post-op rehab and vestibular conditions like dizziness and vertigo.

Registered physiotherapists can assess and treat without a referral from your doctor because they are primary health care professionals.

Every client we see is unique, every physiotherapist you see is also unique.

Why it matters to compare before you commit.

When it comes to physiotherapy, we don't mess around. We are committed to providing scientific and effective physiotherapy, or what is referred to as evidence-based physiotherapy these days. We believe the very basic of quality physiotherapy care is one-on-one direct care provided by a registered physiotherapist THE WHOLE TIME. Why are you paying FULL PRICE for professional services provided by an aide, assistant, student, or somebody else, when there are experienced physiotherapists like us who do 100% of the treatment ourselves one-on-one the whole time?

For the past 5+ years we have been doing just that right here in Stouffville. 

On top of that, we were able to do all this using an approach that requires a minimal use of machines and equipment. As with any other clinics, we have up-to-date high-end physiotherapy machines at our disposal in our clinic but it doesn't mean we always need to use them to do what we do. We choose this approach because we want to teach and empower our clients to be able to recreate physiotherapy treatment on their own at home in a safe and effective manner. Our clients are accustomed to doing physiotherapy self-treatment at home under the supervision of our physiotherapists during the course of treatment, without using any high-end physiotherapy machines at home.

Physiotherapy is more than hooking you up to a machine and a hot pack.

How we do this is through manual therapy and functional exercise. All done in a one-on-one manner with a registered physiotherapist THE WHOLE TIME. Manual therapy doesn't mean it's old techniques or outdated or we don't believe in certain types of machines, it just means that it requires a clinical judgement from a physiotherapist in real time to determine the best mechanical physiotherapy treatment that would address your concerns and help reach your goals. There is continual scientific research on the evidence of the effectiveness of manual therapy and we make sure our knowledge base is always current and up-to-date so we can be innovative based on your goals and concerns. This physiotherapist-only approach allows us to fine-tune the treatment plan at any given point during the course of treatment. We combine this with a mechanical approach in which we assess, diagnose, and treat, based on how you move and what your symptoms are when moving, most of the time this is all done without the use of diagnostic testings like x-rays or MRI.

Physiotherapy is a school of thoughts, a way of life, something that you can learn as well. #physiolife

One key component of our treatment is in-depth education on how you can use functional home exercise and biomechanical awareness to mechanically correct the problem and address the root cause. Functional exercise is a specific exercise approach that takes the whole body into consideration and it's built on the fundamentals of how we move in the real word. To us, physiotherapy is more than just hooking you up to a machine to make you feel good. To us, physiotherapy is something that you can learn and use to minimize the wear and tear and prevent injuries even after you are done with our treatment.

Don't take our words for it, all of our reviews from our clients are authentic, accurate, truthful, and verifiable.

Physiotherapy is what we do, and here is how we do it.

We listen
We take the time to listen to your history and make sure we address your concerns and goals. That doesn't stop after the first assessment. You are seeing the physiotherapist one-on-one the whole time so we are able to fine-tune the treatment at any given point. We treat the person, not the body. Fixing your pain means nothing to us if you can't enjoy what you love to do.
We analyze
We use a mechanical approach to assess and diagnose based on how you move and what your symptoms are when moving. We combine this with our knowledge of the human body to implement a plan of care that addresses your concerns and goals. Most of the time this is all done without diagnostic testings like x-rays or MRI.
We execute
We treat using a combination of manual therapy and functional exercise to mechanically correct the problem and address the root cause. All of this is done in real time with a physiotherapist. We follow this skilled treatment with in-depth education on how you can provide physiotherapy self-treatment at home under the supervision of your physiotherapist.

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