We use a scientific approach combined with a self management program to help you reach your goals.


(1) ASSESS. On your initial assessment, you will explain to us how the injury occurred and what is stopping you from doing what you love, we will then assess your movement patterns to identify the root cause of your symptoms. Your initial assessment also includes a full treatment session so we can help you relieve pain and move better as soon as possible.
(2) RESTORE: On your follow-up sessions, you will start with a re-assessment to see if you are improving as anticipated, then you will receive a combination of manual therapy, rehab exercise prescription, and education as the core of your treatment. If necessary, taping, shockwave, laser, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and traction will be provided at no extra cost.
(3) PREVENT. Throughout the course of treatment, you will be educated on how to move better using proper body mechanics. We want to empower you with scientific knowledge, so that when you no longer require any further sessions, you can continue to minimize wear and tear, maximize performance, and ultimately reduce the risks for future injuries.

Our Physiotherapy Services

Acute and Chronic Injuries
Neck and back pain, strains and sprains, rotator cuff injuries,  sciatica, neurological injuries, nerve damage, degenerative changes, arthritis, muscle and tendon tears, subluxations/dislocations, patellofemoral pain, any "unknown injuries"
Post-op Physiotherapy
ACL reconstructions, joint replacements, Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF), spinal surgeries, joint fusions, tendon/muscle/ligament repairs, incision/scar management, dislocations, open heart surgeries, general surgeries
Vestibular and Other Physiotherapy
Dizziness, vertigo, migraine headaches, tinnitus, impaired balance/coordination, sports physiotherapy, general consultation



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