About Us

Cohesion Physiotherapy is a physiotherapist-owned clinic in the heart of downtown Stouffville next to the GO station. Established in 2012 by Richard Kung PT, DPT, HBScKin, a kinesiologist (expert in human movement) turned physiotherapist. His experience practicing physiotherapy in different settings like the ICU and the Emergency Room encouraged him to establish his own clinic to provide physiotherapy in Stouffville, where he lives and raises his family. With his background as a kinesiologist, he has an innovative approach to physiotherapy. We also believe that learning about each individual’s lifestyle is an integral part of addressing the root cause, which is why we choose a one-on-one personalized approach to physiotherapy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use evidence-based clinical reasoning combined with our innovative ideas to help our patients improve function and reach their goals. From assessing and treating patients to blogging and promoting health in the Stouffville community, our vision is to promote an active lifestyle and improve quality of life while minimizing wear and tear in order to prevent future injuries.