Just last week a number of our new patients asked if they needed to get a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist. So even though we’ve covered this topic in the past, it’s still worth reiterating.

Do you need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist?

In Ontario, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist because registered physiotherapists are primary access practitioners. If you are experiencing aches and pains and would like to receive physiotherapy right away, you can speed up the process by going straight to see a physiotherapist instead. There are two instances where you will need a doctor’s referral when seeking physiotherapy: (1) your insurer specifically requires a doctor’s referral in order for them to reimburse you, or (2), you are seeking government-funded (OHIP) physiotherapy services, and for that you’ll have to go to a OHIP clinic in your area (See Get Physiotherapy for more information).

Richard Kung, Registered Physiotherapist
Doctor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology)

Cohesion Physiotherapy
Stouffville, Ontario