The colored elastic tape worn by athletes is what we called elastic cotton tape with acrylic adhesive, it is sometimes referred to as athletic tape, sports tape, kinesiology tape, or elastic adhesive therapeutic tape. At our clinic, we use this type of elastic taping as physiotherapy treatment for our patients, the tape is water-resistant and can be worn for several days. Here are 3 examples of what we use the tape for and each requires a different application technique.

  • Mechanical Correction. The mechanical correction technique is used to provide positional stimuli through the skin to mechanically assist the positioning of tissue. It is used to position the tissue in the desired position or to provide a blocking action to a specific movement. An example of this application is the mechanical correction of the knee cap when performing functional activities such as a squat.
  • Functional Correction. The functional correction technique is used to help elicit a sensory stimulation to assist or limit a specific motion. The increased tension on the skin would change the perception of joint position, and the body would have to adjust its position to normalize the increased skin tension. An example of this application is the functional correction of the ankle to help prevent the foot from lowering too fast when walking.
  • Space Correction. The space correction technique is used to lift the skin directly above the area of pain or inflammation, increasing the space and reducing the pressure between the skin and the symptomatic tissue. The reduced pressure would help increase circulation and decrease pain. An example of this application is the space correction of the knee with an inflamed bursae (bursitis).

Richard Kung, Registered Physiotherapist
Doctor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology)

Cohesion Physiotherapy
Stouffville, Ontario